• Jasminepetal

    Babies are out

    December 6, 2011 by Jasminepetal

    There are two babies born.

    Sapphire and Basil.

    Comment to me for your take.

    Sapphire is a dark purple.(Female)

    Basil is light orange. (Male)

    You can give them any markings you want.

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  • Jasminepetal

    Two little Dragons

    December 5, 2011 by Jasminepetal

    "I'm gonna get you Tattoo!" a young female dragon said. She was the daughter of the young male who had ventured here years age. She was named Pepper after her black and purple scales. Her brother was Tattoo. He was pure white other then the blue tatoo of a dragon head on his side. It was actually his birthmark but it looked like a Tattoo. "No you won't! You'll never catch me!" Tattoo, growled taking to the sky. His sister followed close after him. Soon she caught up to him and knocked him out of the sky nearly crushing nearby eggs. "Oh no!" Pepper, yelped checking over the eggs closely. "Let's go somewhere else before we do some real damage!" Pepper, whispered smiling as her brother nodded in aggreement.

    (Pepper is the one I'll mainly rolep…

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