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This is a dragon roleplay wiki. I really like dragons and I would like people to roleplay dragons. I want you to know that the dragons I roleplay are Pepper and Tattoo. Note: You will be kicked off of this site if you are not active for about five months.

Enter the World of Dragons!

Flap Flap. A young dragon flies into an abandoned woodland area. Where was he? Who was he? He didn't know he was dragon. He didn't even know his family! All he remembered was a blinding yellow light and waking up as a black creature with wings. He realized this was a valley. He made his family here and soon other dragons started to follow to youngsters scent and made their homes here as well. It was soon known as YoungValley. Soon,many years later, an evil is unleased far greater than anything else. And the young dragon has made his family and started a group known as CrystalizedFlowers. Can the dragons live through this evil? Or will they be destroyed forever?

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